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Super Hoze Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Deals In: General Industrial Equipment
Deals In: Food & Beverage
SHAKTECH Saving Power System
Deals In: General Industrial Equipment
Chirag International
Deals In: Apparel

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Industry: Consumer Elec
Venue: USA
Industry: Health,Hospit
Venue: USA


Rs 35,00,000/-
Category: Land/Building
Last Date: 13-February-2016
Country: India
Rs 1,56,96,000/-
Category: Land/Building
Last Date: 15-February-2016
Country: India


Rice India

Rice is the principal crop grown in India, and the country ranks second only to China in world rice production. Much of the crop is used to.... more

Automobile India

Automobiles make the journey of your life easier and comfortable. It includes any motorized vehicle that is driven by people. For all you p.... more

electrical equipment

Surplus Electrical Equipment & Supplies for sale by auction at Government Liquidation -- your direct source for Government Surplus.
.. more

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